As we try to study the sacred pages of history of Pisgah Baptist Church, we find it impossible to give an accurate history, for early church records were destroyed by fire and some from moving to other locations have been lost; also no doubt, many things done were not recorded in the book of records. 
That the church is 186 years old is clear and definitely settled in the minds of many that can remember the history, and the various old time brethren telling of the wonderful meetings held in the different church buildings that held the sacred body of the Pisgah Baptist Church. 
Among the early families was Judge William Matthews, who came from Virginia by covered wagon and settled in Pisgah neighborhood known as Matthews Prairie. John Wesley Matthews served and died in the Civil War in the Battle of Wilson Creek. His widow, Pasty Leek Matthews, gave the land for Pisgah Church and cemetery. 
A history written in 1935 when the church was 100 years old, by Rev. Edwin E. Baur, states that a Brother Wilson’s mother well remembers attending an association in the old double log house 97 years ago when a young girl. Mrs. Cobb says she knows definitely that the church was organized in 1935, as she was a close observer of the church history during her active church life, and claims to know the date as given down to her. The verbal record that could only be obtained is that in 1935 Elder Miller started preaching services in his home somewhere near Pisgah community and later organized a Baptist Church missionary. The church, according to the records, has been missionary since that time. 
In an 1860 Federal Census of Pulaski County Missouri, an article by J.H. Green on April 22, 1904, “of reminiscences of 34 ears earlier,” states that “Religiously, there was a double log church house at Pisgah on or near Matthew’s Prairie with a very good membership. Tommy Jones, Mack Miller, Bertly Duncan, and Mr. Matthews, the grandfather of our collector, were the preachers. 
Later, as records indicate, the church, growing under these great men of God, moved into a school house, the double log house at that time, located near the Holtsclaw place, known as the Priest timber. 
The building burned down and the Church moved to another double log house, known as the Fox place. This building was either destroyed or for some reason a third location was necessary. The church then built a log house known as the Dodson and Wright place. From this location a new log house was built across the road from the present building. This present building was built in 1893. These places vary some in the minds of some of the older people but it is agreed that the Pisgah Church has had these locations during its history. 
Pisgah Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist Church in Pulaski County, Missouri.